7 principles of worship
for your heart and home.

Guide and lead your family toward a lifestyle of worship

In How to Spell WORSHIP with Your Family, John Bolin teaches us how to harness the power of worship in our personal lives and also train it within our homes. Bolin brings a fresh unveiling of the biblical principles and daily practices of worship that will be both inspirational and transformational. With each turning of the page, you will gain a deeper understanding that the most significant influence you will ever have will be guiding and leading your family toward a lifestyle of worship, a legacy that will resonate from one generation to the next.

We’d love to think of our homes as cozy, not crazy, as places of safety, not of strain. But all the faults of our culture now seem to have seeped into our families. For many people, home is where the heartache is. But not if Jesus lives under our roofs, for when worship comes into your home—and it can—it brings healing. What, then, has happened to hearthside worship? To family praise? To biblical homes? In this book, John Bolin takes an overdue look at an overlooked topic for our overwhelmed age. It’s readable. Biblical. Practical. Doable. I’ve known John for many years. He is my go-to worship leader. He can teach us to spell WORSHIP in our hearts, our homes, and wherever we are.

Robert J. MorganBest-selling author of more than 40 books including "Then Sings My Soul" and "A Song In My Heart"

We’re not talking about worship in the home as much as we should. I’m so thankful for John bringing these important insights to light. He’s a great worship pastor, both on the platform and in his home.

Cliff DurenWorship Pastor at First Baptist Woodstock; Dove Award- winning Writer, Arranger, and Orchestrator

Home is where the heart is,’ so it only makes sense that our homes should be places of worship. Kids and parents alike, seeking God together, is a powerful tool in every heart no matter the age or stage. In How to Spell Worship with Your Family, John Bolin combines an earthly father’s heart with practical wisdom and instruction to seek the eternal Father’s heart in our homes. Let John lead you on a journey filled with blessing for you and your family.

Gregg MattePastor of Houston’s First Baptist Church

One thing we must do for our families is to lead them to worship the only One worthy. We cannot allow our homes to be overrun with lesser gods and find our children running to find their significance and glory in the lifeless idols of culture. The only path to our flourishing is fully-surrendered worship of Jesus. My friend John Bolin guides us down this path in this practical yet compelling resource.

Michael NealeBest-selling Author, The River and The Way of Worship; Senior Worship Pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church

From the first time I met John Bolin, I knew he was uncommon. A man who deeply loves Jesus and others, his passion for worship spills out of him. In How to Spell Worship with Your Family, John Bolin challenges us to live out our highest mission with our primary audience. Packaged in both brilliant and practical ways, John takes us into the theology of worship while giving us tools to help us impact our families by teaching them to embrace worship.

Pastor Scot LongyearLead Pastor, Maryland Community Church; Former Worship Pastor and recording artist.

If you read only one parenting book this year, make it this one. That’s because John Bolin has opened up a way to bless, build up, and prepare your kids for a great future. And he does so in a way that I’ve literally never read about before. I believe it’s fair to say the word worship has been reserved for church services or mountaintop retreats. But what if bringing worship into our HOMES is actually our calling as parents? Not to mention an incredible way to enrich, encourage, and prepare our whole family to love God and each other more deeply. John spells it out for you right here in a practical, ‘I can do that!’ way. John’s book will help you bring worship’s massive benefits into your home and each person’s heart.

John Trent, Ph.D.President,; Author of Where Do I Go from Here? and Co-Author of The Blessing

The Church needs this message!! It’s so timely and important, and I’m so thankful for John’s book! I am fairly certain that the only reason I’m in music ministry today is because my mom invited me to join our church choir when I was 13. She loved worship so much, and it’s because of her example that I fell in love with worship ministry and dedicated my life to serving the Lord.

Daniel SemsenWorship leader, Dove Award-winning Arranger and Orchestrator; Founder of Semsen Music

Filled with biblical truth and godly wisdom, How to Spell Worship with Your Family invites every family to become wildly passionate about worship to the living God. It is a well-timed message for this generation, bringing us front and center to the foundations of faith and family.

Renee HardwickInVocation Ministries

In John Bolin’s latest masterpiece, he not only writes, he soars! In How to Spell Worship with Your Family, Bolin masterfully crafts a narrative that resonates with passion, wisdom, and an unyielding love for worship. Through the pages of this must-read book, Bolin takes us on a thrilling journey, not only into the heart of worship but into the very soul of a worship pastor and the Father. With eloquence and grace, he unpacks the profound importance of the worship pastor not just leading the congregation, but also leading the most intimate flock: the worship leader’s family.
“Bolin’s words leap off the page, igniting a fire within every reader. His compelling stories and profound insights draw you in, making you feel as though you are right there beside him, witnessing the transformative power of worship in the sanctuary of his home. How to Spell Worship with Your Family isn’t just a book; it’s a revelation. Bolin skillfully articulates how personal worship within the family unit not only strengthens the bonds of love but also creates a legacy of faith that reverberates through generations. Prepare to be transformed. Prepare to be inspired. Prepare to lead your home.

Dr. Steve BowersoxChair of Worship Leadership & Production Technologies, University of Mobile; Worship Pastor at Dauphin Way Baptist Church

In these pages, Bolin helps parents embrace their calling as the worship leaders of their homes and thoroughly equips them with the knowledge and tools needed for meaningful family worship. What Bolin has written is engaging and accessible to families yet uncompromising in truth and depth.

Chessa WilliamsAssistant Professor; Program Director, Worship Arts, California Baptist University

I’m afraid for far too long, church leaders have been guilty of neglecting the most important discipleship organization in our churches—the family. And Worship Ministries follow suit by focusing on the corporate worship event exclusively and failing to equip our families for the family altar.
“John Bolin tackles this problem head on, and I can think of no one better qualified to do it. Raised in a family of worship leaders and now diligently leading his own family and worship ministry, John brings a wealth of experience and insight to this subject.
“How to Spell Worship with Your Family needs to be a staple of every Christian family endeavoring to raise children to be disciples.

Mike HarlandAuthor, Songwriter, and former Director of Lifeway Worship

If you are looking for an enriching study that connects the worship and praise dots between the heart, family, church and ministry, I invite you to spend serious time in John Bolin’s book, How to Spell Worship with Your Family. This a practical, purposeful and powerful investigation of the biblical role every believer has as a leader of private or public worship. John skillfully interweaves personal story, family history, biblical mandate, Old and New Testament examples, ecclesiastical mission, and ministry opportunity into one seriously engaging ‘divine dialogue’ with the reader. This is MUST reading for every pastor, worship leader, choir member, small group teacher, lay-leader and church member.

Vernon M. Whaley, Ph.D.Associate Provost and Dean, School of Music and Worship Arts, Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, Tennessee

John Bolin is more than a talented musician. He is a dedicated father who is concerned about keeping his family living in the shadow of inspiring scripture, fervent prayer, and honest worship. This book is full of personal stories with focused commitment that will convict and inspire you at the same time. His spiritual passion for those who call him Father is eminently evident.
This is not a book to lay on a shelf in your office. This is a book that will stand tall in your library. Read it . . . believe it . . . and use it.

Derric JohnsonAuthor, Speaker, Writer, Arranger and Creator of renowned musical groups like ReGeneration and Disney’s Voices of Liberty.

In his book How to Spell Worship with Your Family, John Bolin highlights the importance of intentionally planning times of worship for families. Each chapter concludes with questions for reflection, and he also offers suggestions for putting biblical principles for worship into practice even amid the busyness that family life can bring. This book is a guide to help families learn to worship together in the sacred space of the home, ultimately setting each member on a path toward healthy patterns of worship as they grow and mature.

Jessica McMillanAssistant Professor of Music and Worship, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

With the crisis of family in our world this book is not only timely but essential for us. John has captured something that will help us revive the essence of multigenerational ministry and discipleship at its very core.

Ray JonesRadiance Ministries

John’s love for Jesus, his commitment to family, and his heart for worship are indelibly imprinted on every page. How to Spell Worship with Your Family is an authentic, practical, and biblical resource, perfect for parents who desire to raise their children to be adults who are true worshippers.

John MontgomeryAssociate Vice President for Student Services, California Baptist University

How To Spell Worship with Your Family is a desperately needed and timely message for our day. Nothing has impacted my life more than the gift of growing up in a home of worship. This book will inspire, challenge and teach you how to foster this same blessing for you and yours!

Tommy WalkerSongwriter, Worship Leader

John touches on something of dire importance in this book when he unpacks the interaction between parents and children and our important time with them. My prayer is that conviction will lead to action among this generation of parents. John has laid out practical and fun steps to help you begin to fulfill the command of Deuteronomy 11:19 and Proverbs 22:6 within your family. With the reminder that these are things commanded of us by a Holy God, to ignore them has painful earthly consequences that we see being played out before our eyes today. Beyond this, and of far more importance, they have eternal ramifications. I’m grateful that John has taken on this subject with such diligence and passion, using his gifts to creatively bring us back to worship.

Garrett HintonCRO, Museum of the Bible

This is a welcome and timely resource for the family’s faith formation. One of the unexpected blessings of the pandemic has been the Church’s (re)discovery of the home as a space where intentional worship should flourish. John Bolin is supporting families with a discipleship tool we know we need.

Emily Snider AndrewsExecutive Director, Center for Worship and the Arts, and Assistant Professor of Music and Worship, Samford University

John Bolin is a pastor, an arranger, a songwriter, and a wonderful friend. But his primary role is that of a father and a husband. In this book, John delivers—for all of us who share that role—wise advice on how to lead our families into a lifestyle of worship. He guides us, practically and biblically, into a plan that not only will help us worship together as a family in our own homes but also will carry on throughout a lifetime once the kids are grown and on their own.
If you have a family, I highly recommend you get this book and put it right on the coffee table in the middle of your family room!

Charles BillingsleyConcert Artist and Worship Leader; Teaching Pastor, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Virginia

I have had the blessing to know John for many years. His godly leadership on the platform extends to all areas of his life from family to ministry to business. It is an honor to serve the Lord alongside him. Be ready to go deeper in your own worship and faith as you read his new book! I know I am.

Al DensonCCM Artist, Songwriter, and Worship Leader.

How to Spell Worship with Your Family by John Bolin is an encouraging and Christ-centered book I encourage all to read. John reminds us we have an important obligation to make a kingdom difference in our own families, teaching the younger generation the power of worship in a close community. I love the chapters he dedicates to teaching a concept with each letter of the word, W-O-R-S-H-I-P. Practical, biblical, and encouraging —pretty much the way I describe my friend of many years, John Bolin. We know John as a talented Worship Pastor and composer, but now God uses him once again, as a writer to help teach us his passion—worship within the family.

Tom TillmanDirector, Music & Worship , Texas Baptists

This book is not about family worship—only. It’s about worship for you, me, the church, and yes, the family! John weaves his personal story with the high place of Scripture that is foundational and gives us a simple and usable blueprint for daily worship for a family of one or 100. How to Spell Worship with Your Family is a clarion call for all of us to let worship begin at home and in each life. I highly recommend this book not only for your family, but also for your church to offer a ‘lifeline’ for all families.

Dr. Randy C. LindDirector of the Singing Churchmen and Singing ChurchWomen of Oklahoma; Worship & Music Ministry Partner, Oklahoma Baptists

John Bolin takes the readers on an amazing worship journey. His way to spell the word worship will truly bless everyone who reads this book. He offers us a deep but easy way to understand this word, WORSHIP.

Jorge JiménezYouth With A Mission Schools of Worship

My friend John Bolin reminds us that we have a tremendous honor and opportunity to teach and train our children that worshipping Jesus is just not something we do in the church on the weekend but in our daily lives inside of our homes.

Greg LongArtist, Songwriter, Worship Leader, and member of renowned vocal group Avalon

This book has served to recalibrate my heart and prepare it for the next generation that will come along in my family. This is such a fantastic book! So practical. So doable.

Kenna Turner WestDove Award-Winning Songwriter and Recording Artist

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John Bolin is the Pastor of Worship Ministries at Kingsland Baptist church in Katy, Texas, and an artist who has excelled as a singer, songwriter, arranger, and conductor. He is also the co-founder of Worship Convergence International, an organization dedicated to facilitating musical and missional tours across the word. John is a professor at California Baptist University where he also conducts the University Choir and Orchestra.

John is viewed as a leading voice for worship leaders, worship ministries, choirs and orchestras, multigenerational worship, and family worship.

John and his wife Paige have five children and live in Katy, Texas.

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